Direct Access

No Referral Necessary.

The State of South Dakota allows Direct Access for Physical Therapy Services. 

Does Insurance Cover my PT through Direct Access?

It depends on your Insurance Benefits.  We recommend that you contact your insurance carrier to see if a physician referral is required for physical therapy services under your current health plan coverage.  We would be happy to also assist you in verifying your benefits for you, just contact our office directly and we will assist you as much as we can. (Workers Compensation and Medicare/Medicaid do not participate in Direct Access.)

How Does it Work?

You may come directly to your Physical Therapist and receive an Evaluation and Treatment for any Musculo-Skeletal Injury.  Your "Professional" Physical Therapist can treat that acute or chronic shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, neck, back, hip, knee, ankle or foot injury.  We typically can schedule an appointment within 24 hours of your call with same day appointments available. 

Upon completion of your Physical Therapy Evaluation, we will determine your treatment plan and if further diagnostic tools (x-rays, MRI, etc) are needed to ensure proper care, we will communicate our findings with the MD of your choice and make any needed referrals and or keep them updated with the status of your care.  

Who is eligible to be seen via Direct Access?

Any person in the State of South Dakota is eligible to be seen directly by their Physical Therapist.  (This includes cash for service, and those insurance plans that do not require physician referral)


Should I go see my doctor first?

If for any reason, you feel that you require an evaluation by your physician and or that it is an emergency situation, Hanson Eastside Physical therapy recommends and encourages you to do so.   

Direct access to physical therapy is not intended to take the place of your physician but bridge the gap for those patients who could benefit from Physical Therapy Services which enables you to receive conservative treatment RIGHT AWAY. 

How Do I get Started?

Call Hanson Eastside Physical Therapy at 605-371-4410 and asked to be scheduled through Direct Access.