How do I know whether physical therapy will help me?

-If you have suffered an injury that causes you pain and affects your ability to function.

-You have had orthopedic surgery and want to insure a good outcome and to assist in your recovery.

-if you have chronic aches and pains that do not seem to go away. 

-if your unsure what is safe or not safe to do following an injury.


Do I have to see my doctor first?

-in South Dakota you can seek "direct access" to physical therapy without the need for an initial doctors referral.  We recommend you check with your insurance plan to see if your insurance requires a doctors referral.  More and more plans are allowing direct access.


Will my therapy program be individualized?

Yes, Your therapy program is carefully tailored so that you can gradually build strength and restore any lost function with less overall pain.  Every patient will receive one on one care that is personalized. 


How Long does a therapy session take?

-initial visit will take 45 minutes to 1 hour.

- subsequent visits are scheduled in 1/2 hour increments. 


What should I wear to Physical Therapy?

-wear what you find to be comfortable to you.

-request that if we need to get to a certain body part like a knee, that loose fitting pants or shorts be brought along to change into.

-gowns are available for working on the back and neck region or when needing to expose the shoulder.  Please avoid wearing bras that cross or cover up the back  if working in these areas as they will need to be removed to allow for treatment.  

-please refrain from wearing dresses and skirts if and when possible. 


Will I be working solely with one therapist during my treatment or will the therapist change often?

-here you will be seen only by one physical therapist through your therapy. 

- only therapist on staff currently is a male.  At times a female therapist may be utilized to cover vacation times etc.  


Will you be open in bad weather and how will I know if you are closed?

-in most cases the office will remain open regardless of weather.  If you do not feel comfortable driving in inclement weather please do not.  Just contact the office to cancel if required.

-if the clinic decides that the clinic needs to close or in case of an illness etc.  All attempt to reach the patient will be made prior to their appointment.