HANSON EASTSIDE PHYSICAL THERAPY offers treatments for injuries and conditions related to the muscles, bones, joints, and connective tissues in the body.  Common diagnoses we regularly treat are:


-Following fracture healing

-Shoulder tendinitis and bursitis

-Rotator cuff sprains and strains, repairs

-Tennis or golfer's elbow

-Carpal Tunnel syndrome

-Hip tendinitis or bursitis, repairs, replacements

-Knee sprain and strains, repairs, replacements

-Ankle sprains, repairs

-Achilles tendonitis, repairs

-Plantar fasciitis


Individualized treatment plans may include: electrical stimulation, ultrasound, soft tissue massage, myofascial release/mobilization, joint mobilization, strain-counter strain, postural re-training, muscle energy techniques.   Individuals will also be given a stretching and strengthening program that is specific to their injury to allow you to get "Back in Action".  Our goal is to get you back to your prior level of pain free daily activity.