HANSON EASTSIDE PHYSICAL THERAPY can also help those of you who may be suffering from back  or neck pain or have a history of chronic back or neck problems.   We treat patients with both "acute" and "chronic" back and neck pain.  Our goal is to prevent the acute pain from becoming a chronic and getting you "Back in Action".    Common spinal conditions that we often see are:

-Acute sprains, strains and muscle pulls




-Facet Disorders

-Sacroiliac Disorders

-Bulging and Herniated discs


-Degenerative Disc Disease

-Poor postural habits


Individual treatment plans may include ultrasound, electrical stimulation, soft tissue mobilization and myofascial release, massage, muscle energy techniques, range of motion, postural education, body mechanics, stretching, mechanical or manual traction, strengthening, core stabilization exercises with home exercise programs will be implemented.  We will focus on patient education designed to help you understand your condition and how to best manage your pain so that you don't have to live with chronic pain.